Mercedes Sprinter - Belfast Chauffeur

The Mercedes Sprinter and its many variants is the leading multi-purpose mini-coach right across Europe and much of the world. 

Belfast Chauffeur NI operates models that carry 13 passengers to ensure maximum comfort and space for all occupants. get on and off comfortably, quickly and safely.

The Traveliner coach is the luxury variant for touring and private hire duties. It has either twin rear doors or wide side door with low entry so passengers can get on and off quickly and safely. Flush fitted parallelogram windows are standard. 

All models have separate saloon and driver air conditioning systems, fabric trimmed side wall and ceilings as well as luggage racks with courier call buttons, reading lights and air vents. 

They have a chromed grille with the famous three-pointed star as standard, fabric trimmed sidewalls and ceiling and reclining seats with aisle armrests and of course seat belts as well as airbags for the front compartment. 

Most of the components in the Sprinter are unique to Mercedes and not used by any other marque of coach, providing executive level group travel.

Sprinter coaches are perfect for carrying medium sized groups of people short or long distances in safety and comfort and in prestige.

All Mercedes Sprinter coaches operated by Belfast Chauffeur NI are fully-loaded, top of the range models equipped with privacy glass, full leather interiors, air conditioning and have beverages on board. 

All Belfast Chauffeur NI drivers are security checked and approved by the Department of Infrastructure, are fully licensed and insured and WorldHost Accredited.

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