Mercedes V Class (up to 6 passengers)

The Mercedes V-Class is a large, luxurious MPV that can carry up to six passengers plus driver. It is so well appointed it is often described as more sedan than van and is seen as the big player in the world of executive and VIP travel. Bold styling with a powerful-looking front, tapered bonnet and LED headlights give the V-class a distinctive Mercedes image and the iconic three-pointed star on the front grille makes an unmistakable statement. Its adaptable seating also makes it an ideal vehicle for athletes and adventurers as well as family outings. In the rear compartment the seats can be arranged to face each other or aligned in the driving direction. If space is needed for bicycles or other bulky objects, then the seats in the rear compartment can be removed completely thanks to the elegant rail system with quick release fasteners. The seats in the cockpit can be rotated toward the doors in order to enable easy entry and exit and can also be rotated 180° to face the rear passengers. A huge windscreen and wrap-around expanse of tinted cabin glass and huge sunroof give a panoramic view to both driver and passengers while retaining privacy. All variants are powered by one of three state-of-the-art four-cylinder diesel engines. These power plants are distinguished by their high-torque, economic consumption and low noise. The V-Class is also equipped with comfort suspension to ensure superior driving comfort in every situation. Good driving dynamics, roll stabilization and exceptional noise comfort make the V-Class a quiet ride in all road conditions. The V-Class is so versatile it has been accepted by the London Taxi Authority as a genuine ‘Black Cab’. Rear wheel steering opposite to the front wheels allows it to perform the same tight U-turns as the more traditional London cabs. It’s rugged too and has performed as a support vehicle in the Dakar Rally for the Mercedes-Benz Service and Kwikpower team. Perfect for those luxury days out in the country or at sporting events. All V-Class vehicles operated by Belfast Chauffeur NI are fully-loaded, top of the range models equipped with privacy glass, full leather interiors, air conditioning and have beverages on board. All Belfast Chauffeur NI drivers are security checked and approved by the Department of Infrastructure, are fully licensed and insured and WorldHost Accredited. Book your Mercedes V-Class today by calling Oliver on 07880 880 923