S-Class Mercedes - Belfast Chauffeur

The Mercedes S-Class is a byword for automotive luxury. It is the top of the renowned Mercedes model range.

It debuted way back in 1972, but its forerunners go as far back as 1954, giving it an outstanding pedigree.

The S – for Special – class was always envisaged as a top of the range sedan aimed at the transport of world leaders, film and sports stars and business tycoons as well as those of us looking for a bit of luxury on a special occasion.

The S-Class stunned the automotive world on its launch and has continued to do so with every new model released.

It differed from its forebears in that its design was based around premium safety as well as luxury and style.

It was the first luxury model of any marque to feature padded trim around the windows, doors and dashboard as well as a heavily padded steering wheel that was later replaced by an airbag as well as contoured headrests - all designed to minimise passenger injury in a collision.

Safety was also extended for those outside the cabin. with rounded body shapes along the edges, such as the tops of the front mudguards, designed to ameliorate pedestrian injuries.

It’s Mercedes boast that every model since has been designed without regard to cost to make the best vehicle possible.

From these auspicious beginnings the S-Class has continued to lead its class with current sixth-generation models boasting more industry firsts, such as all LED lighting inside and out.

It also has Mercedes’ Magic Body Control system with windscreen mounted cameras that read the road ahead and communicate with the suspension to ready it for an uneven road surface to make for a smoother ride.

The engine has not been neglected either, with eight-cylinder turbocharged powerplants pushing out in excess of 450hp through a seven-speed gearbox. There are also hybrid and diesel variants, with the S600 having a V12, twin-turbo monster lump and up to a nine-speed gearbox to deliver all that power in a controlled manner.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is the classic chauffeur-driven car and is frequently used as standard by car hire companies, including Belfast Chauffer NI. It is comfortable and safe as well as elegant; ideal for long drives across the country or high-class transport on a big night out.

All S-Class vehicles operated by Belfast Chauffeur NI are fully-loaded, top of the range models equipped with privacy glass, full leather interiors, air conditioning and have beverages on board. 

All Belfast Chauffeur NI drivers are security checked and approved by the Department of Infrastructure, are fully licensed and insured and WorldHost Accredited.

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