Everything You Need To Know About Booking Your Wedding Cars

Have you found a company or a specific car that would be just perfect for your big day? Like your venue, wedding dress and so many other things, your wedding car needs to be just right. It needs to be ideally suited to you, your theme and most importantly, it needs to be the one you really want. So, if you know exactly what you want, or at least have a good idea, then here are some tips on how to make your dream wedding car a reality. After all, you deserve nothing but the best on your wedding day. 

Register Your Interest ASAP

If you see the car you want or know the company you want to hire, then don’t delay. Register your interest as soon as possible. Contact the company, ideally by telephone to verify the dates are available. Get the name of your contact and keep in touch with them throughout planning your wedding. If possible, book it there and then. But if you’re unsure of your exact wedding date, then at least register your interest and make the company aware of some possible dates you may want it. Do this early to avoid disappointment, many companies will happily accommodate you.

Does the car suit your theme?

Nothing should stand in the way of you having the car that you want for your big day. But it’s wise to make sure it fits in with your themes. Is it the right colour? Does it represent the era you’re trying to evoke? Is it classical enough? Modern enough? Can it be tailored to suit you and your theme? If you need help deciding, then recruit your wedding party to help you decide. Ultimately, it’s your opinion that counts the most, but your nearest and dearest may be a great help, they may spot something you haven’t.

Remember car hire and chauffeur service are separate

Hiring a car for your wedding is not the same thing as hiring it with chauffeur service. Make sure you book the service you need and don’t overlook one. Naturally most wedding car companies offer both services, but don’t take anything for granted. Clarify every detail to make sure you avoid stress down the road. If you require car hire and chauffeur service, then make sure this is stated clearly.

Hire someone reliable

Before booking, make sure you check that company’s reviews. Do they have any negative ones? If so try to find out if that complaints seem legitimate, or if they were made by a chronic complainer who’s never happy with anything. If their reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then you may be onto a winner. Look at individual reviews on Google, social media and in professional trades magazines. 

Attend local wedding fairs

Or attend wedding fairs near your venue. Local car hire companies are likely to attend with special offers. It may be a good way to snag a bargain. Such companies may also already have an established relationship with your venue, this can reap its own rewards and possible discounts. It also helps you establish what companies are reliable and experienced. If they are attending wedding fairs, then the company probably have a long and successful history catering for weddings. Their attendance alone is a positive sign. 

Arrange a viewing

There’s only one way to find out if a wedding car is perfect, you need to see it up close, and if at all possible, go for a test ride in it. If the company allows this then you know they understand their business better than most. You need to make sure it’s the right car and only by doing this will you know for certain. Don’t skip this important step. 

Make sure it holds enough people

There’s no point hiring a car that can’t comfortably seat you, the person giving you away and your bridesmaids. A can may be beautiful but if it doesn’t have enough seats then you may need to bring more cars or hire one that’s bigger. Even limousines have limited space, know how many seats you’ll need, and plan accordingly. 

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